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Waterfall Garage
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Same day servicing on most popular makes of private car and light commercial vehicle

How to Save Money on Servicing with Waterfall

Having your vehicle properly serviced with Waterfall will save you money in the long run

Getting to know you and your car

Here at Waterfall we like to get to know your car, your driving habits and requirements. Based on that, each year we’ll recommend the type of service you need.

For example, because annual mileages tend to be dropping as people use their vehicles less and opt for public transport or other modes of transport, then it may be that one year your annual service needs to be an ‘Essential’ or a ‘Premium’ service, but the following year this can be alternated with an ‘Inspection’ service.

Because we get to know you and your vehicle, we can be flexible, and although our focus is always 100% on vehicle safety and reliability, we won’t tell you that your car needs something that it doesn’t.

Service menu

We offer three types of annual car service;

Inspection (I)
Essential (E)
Premium (P)

(Full dealer specific servicing is also available – please ask us for a quote.)







Check vehicle history blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check timing belt replacement interval * blue-check blue-check blue-check
Fit protective covers blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check condition and operation of all seat belts blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check operation of interior and exterior lights blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check air conditioning operation including bad odour * blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check windscreen washers and wipers blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check horn blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check operation of suspension dampers blue-check blue-check blue-check
Lubricate all door hinges, locks, and bonnet catches blue-check blue-check blue-check
Apply Forte treatments to remove internal contamination blue-check blue-check
Check fuel cap blue-check blue-check blue-check

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Check cooling system including fan operation blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check and record Anti-Freeze protection blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check and record brake fluid condition blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt) blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check engine breather system blue-check
Check vacuum pipes blue-check
Check power steering operation and fluid condition blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check throttle body – clean if required blue-check
Check battery level and lubricate terminals * blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels blue-check blue-check blue-check
Replace air filter * blue-check
Replace spark plugs * blue-check
Replace fuel filter * blue-check
Replace pollen filter * blue-check blue-check
Change oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer blue-check blue-check
Check fuel lines and brake pipes blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check the condition and security of the exhaust blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check and top up axle and transfer box oil levels * blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check and top up gearbox oil level blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check all steering and suspension joints, mountings and gaiters blue-check blue-check blue-check
Carry out tyre report blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check all wheel bearings for excessive ‘play’ and noise (adjust) blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check clutch cable/cylinder * blue-check blue-check
Grease all greasing points * blue-check blue-check
Check operation and condition of front brakes blue-check blue-check blue-check
Check operation and condition of rear brakes (inc. handbrake) blue-check blue-check
Carry out brake report blue-check blue-check blue-check
Bleed brakes blue-check
Rear brake cleaning and adjustment blue-check
Refill engine with specified grade oil blue-check blue-check blue-check
Torque wheel nuts/studs blue-check blue-check blue-check
Carry out diagnostic check. ** blue-check
Reset service interval indicator * blue-check blue-check blue-check
Road test vehicle and report any findings blue-check blue-check blue-check
Re-check engine oil level blue-check blue-check blue-check

Open IVS – Dealer level diagnostic equipment

Waterfall Garage use Opus IVS (formerly Autologic) dealer level diagnostic equipment to plug in to your car and find, diagose and fix problems. Opus IVS are the world’s leader in European diagnostics and support for independent vehicle repair specialists. Factory level diagnostic support for BMW, MINI, VW, Audi, SEAt, Skoda and many more makes.

Autologic diagnostic tool
Autologic logo
Autologic diagnostic tool

Waterfall Garage in Wimbledon are independent specialists for:

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MINI link

The importance of regular servicing for your car

Modern cars are complex pieces of machinery with a lot of metal, rubber, plastics, wires, glass and all sorts of electrical and mechanical components that are all integrated one with another, and so car servicing and vehicle repairs are best left to the professionals.

Admittedly there are a few stories of rip-off garages and outrageous servicing and repair prices, but that is why choosing a reliable and trustworthy garage is essential for you peace of mind.

Waterfall are an independent, family owned, friendly garage. Since 1986 we have grown our business through word of mouth referral; our customers love coming back to us, and we are even recommended on one of the local Mumsnet websites as being a great local garage in Wimbledon.

Oil change

Unarguably the most important feature of a regular vehicle service is the oil change. The oil is what allows all the moving parts of the engine and gearbox to move freely together with the least amount of friction. Leaving it too long between oil changes can result in what’s known in the trade as the ‘Black Death’, read more about the perils of not changing your oil regularly here…

Combine your regular service with your MOT

As the MOT Inspection is a mandatory test that’s required every year from the 3rd anniversary of your vehicle’s registration onwards, it’s an ideal opportunity to have your car serviced at the same time. That way, if there are any isses that need addressing in order for your car to pass its MOT, we can fix those at the same time.

BMW and MINI service reception in Wimbledon at Waterfall Garage
Mechanic checking air filter
mechanic car servicing at independent garage in Wimbledon

Waterfall Garage: We will look after all your car’s needs.
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We are highly rated

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4.6 out of 5

What people have said

“It is the first time I have used Waterfall Garage. The service I received from them was exemplary, totally professional and friendly staff. Keeping me posted all the time on what was being done to my car. The car went in for its MOT and annual service. I would highly recommend this garage. Thank you Waterfall you are all stars. I will definitely be back for my annual service and MOT. I shall also recommend you to all my family and friends.”
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Cheap car servicing

Many people look for cheap servicing, hoping that this will save them money. But cheap servicing is not good in the long run; it’s a bit like eating a bad diet and not taking the proper exercise you need to look after your own body properly. You might be fine for a while, but you’re just storing up a whole lot of problems for later on.

Correct car servicing includes making sure things like the oil, lubricants, and other fluids are changed and topped up correctly, that worn parts are replaced before they wear out completely and cause serious damage, that perishable parts like air, fuel and oil filters are replaced so that your vehicle is running optimally, and that brakes, wheels and suspension are all working properly and safely too.

Not only does this mean you are far less likely to suffer a mechanical breakdown, but it can really extend the life of your vehicle too; in fact, depending on your yearly mileage you might save almost as much as your annual service bill in reduced fuel consumption if your vehicle is properly and regularly serviced and maintained.

Another problem with looking for cheap car servicing is that some garages offer what appears to be low cost car servicing, but it turns out that the work they are doing is not up to the standard it should be. There are sometimes ambiguous phrases in their descriptions of what they do, for example a garage invoice may have a charge for ‘coolant’, and when asked will say that the coolant has been ‘replenished’ – which is not the same as actually ‘replaced’.

Also, some garages present you with an invoice which lists a whole number of items (thereby giving the impression that a lot of work has been done) but in fact many of the items are simply charged at zero – this not because they’ve done them for free, but because they are part of a standard service but, in your particular case, weren’t needed.

Audi service closeup
Wimbledon MOT service bay at Waterfall Garage
Car servicing in Wimbledon garage reception

Waterfall Garage is an independent, family run, garage which opened in 1986. We offer you great service and great value for money. Bring your car to us and we’ll do the rest.

The Waterfall difference

Regular car servicing is essential, and getting it done through appropriately qualified personnel is even more crucial. Waterfall has a great reputation for good value for money and a great service. So if you’ve been searching online for ‘recommended car garages near me’ or ‘trusted car garages near me’, then you’ve found the right place.

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020 8543 4799

We’re often busy, so if we don’t pick up please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
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We are open Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30

Why Should I Have My Car Serviced?

People often ask ‘why should I have my car serviced?’ – Here is a quick summary of the top 6 reasons why regular vehicle servicing is important:

1. A service is different from an MOT

While an MOT is a mandatory annual safety inspection, it does not cover wear and tear or replace worn components. A full service, on the other hand, ensures that all aspects of your car are maintained and repaired as needed.

2. Prevent costly repairs

Addressing minor issues early can prevent them from becoming major, costly problems. For instance, regularly changing the oil can prevent engine damage, which is much more expensive to fix.

3. Fuel efficiency

A well-maintained car runs more efficiently, using less fuel and saving you money on petrol.

4. Increased lifespan

Regular servicing can extend your car’s life, delaying the need for a new vehicle.

5. Higher resale value

When you come to sell your car, if it has a complete service history it can fetch a better price. A service book stamped by a mechanic provides proof that your car has maintained properly and will therefore be in better condition.

6. Better insurance valuation

In the event of an accident, a full service history will likely mean that your insurance company will assess the pre-accident value of your car more favourably, potentially leading to a higher payout.

Call Waterfall today on:

020 8543 4799

We’re often busy, so if we don’t pick up please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
Or you can email us:

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30

We are highly rated

Good Garage Scheme


Google Reviews

4.6 out of 5

Where to find us

Map to Waterfall Garage in Wimbledon

We are just 5 minute’s walk from Wimbledon mainline station.

What people have said

“I cannot recommend Waterfall Garage more highly. I have always had excellent service. Mitch, Martin, Nicola and the rest of the team have always been extremely helpful and efficient and go out of their way to solve difficult problems of which I have had several. Many thanks to all of them.”
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