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Looking for a MINI Specialist in London?

Your MINI is an iconic symbol of British motoring pride, and you want to be confident that it’s handled by specialists. At Waterfall Garage, we are proud of being your local MINI garage experts. Our garage has equipment equivalent to that of main dealers, guaranteeing that your cherished MINI gets top-tier care and precision during any service or repair. Your MINI deserves nothing less.

It used to be very difficult to have your new MINI serviced outside a franchised dealer without it affecting your warranty. You weren’t able to shop around to find the best price from an independent MINI specialist in London like Waterfall.

How to save money on a MINI service

But you’re no longer tied to the higher prices charged by your local MINI service dealer. Independent garages like Waterfall can maintain and service your MINI from brand new, using genuine MINI parts, without it affecting your warranty.

Our mechanics are well-versed with the complexities of MINI models, from the MINI 1 to the Countryman. So by choosing Waterfall, you’re selecting the expertise and attention to detail of a main dealer, combined with the cost-effectiveness and personal touch of a local garage.

As well as MINI servicing, as MINI specialists Waterfall can carry out all the following and more:

  • MOT inspection
  • Fuel system maintenance
  • Cooling system services
  • Safety inspections
  • Solutions for drivability issues
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Alignment services
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Electrical system repairs
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Brake repairs
  • Exhaust and muffler systems
  • Engine repairs and overhauls
  • Coding and programming of control units
  • Fitting of MINI accessories
  • Engine and immobiliser alignment
  • Setting of car/ key memory options
  • Full component activation
  • Engine tuning for improved fuel efficiency
  • For MINI bodywork we recommend a trusted local supplier who we’ve worked with for many years
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Waterfall Garage MINI Specialists: Family run, independent, value for money.
Bring your MINI to us and we’ll do the rest.

We can also diagnose any faults that are casing you problems with your MINI

MINIs are renowned for their intricate design and precision engineering. While this makes them a pleasure to drive, it also necessitates a meticulous approach to fault diagnosis.

As MINI specialists, we are fully equipped to handle any MINI issues. We understand that a vehicle as iconic as the MINI deserves exceptional care and attention. With our advanced diagnostic tools, we can efficiently identify and resolve a wide range of problems, from performance issues to electrical faults. You can read about 7 common MINI issues further down the page…

Waterfall are big enough to compete with the main dealers, yet small enough to give a personal service

What’s more, we are just 5 minutes walk from all the major public transport links in Wimbledon town centre, so dropping off your car to our MINI garage for a service, MOT or any other MINI maintenance while you are on your way to work couldn’t be easier or more convenient. We also offer a FREE valet with each full service, as well as a local pick-up and drop-off service.

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“Excellent local garage. Helpful, friendly staff. Highly recommended.”

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To find out how much we can save you on your next MINI service in Wimbledon, or for MOT or any MINI repairs, call Waterfall Garage today on:

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Waterfall: Family run, independent, value for money MINI Garage.
Bring your MINI to us and we’ll do the rest.

We are highly rated

Good Garage Scheme


Google Reviews

4.6 out of 5

 What people have said

“Excellent local garage. Helpful, friendly staff. Highly recommended.”

Good Garage Scheme Review 2021

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Call us today to find out how we can save you money on the cost of your next MINI Coupe service, MINI Roadster service, MINI Countryman service, MINI Paceman service, MINI Clubman service, MINI Convertible / Cabrio service, MINI Hatch / Hardtop or any other MINI model.

Common Challenges Encountered by MINI Cooper Owners

The MINI, renowned as the MINI Cooper, enjoys widespread popularity in the UK. While it may not suit everyone’s driving preferences, its significance in the country’s automotive history is undeniable. Introduced in 1959 and maintaining its iconic status to this day – albeit with a touch of BMW influence – it has become a symbol in its own right. Nonetheless, despite its iconic status, as MINI specialists we know that MINI owners face certain recurring issues with their vehicles. Whether you currently own a MINI or are contemplating ownership, being aware of these common problems and knowing what to watch out for can prove invaluable.

Front Radiator Support and Coolant Hose Vulnerability

Encountering a curb is never ideal. Given the MINI’s relatively low ground clearance, curbs pose a considerable challenge. The plastic construction of the front radiator supports, while effective in reducing weight, renders them susceptible to damage upon impact. Any significant collision with the front end of the vehicle can result in damage to these supports. Additionally, severe bumps may cause damage to the coolant hose, which can be both costly and troublesome.

Timing Chain Slack Leading to Noise and Vibration

As the timing chain and its components wear over time, slack may develop in the mechanism. Prompt attention to this issue is crucial, as neglect can lead to further damage and escalated repair costs. Engaging in proactive maintenance for your MINI Cooper is essential, and addressing this issue early on can likely prevent more extensive damage.

Electric Power Steering Pump Concerns

The electric power steering pump utilised in the MINI Cooper is susceptible to failure and has been subject to recalls. Typically attributed to low fluid levels or a faulty coolant fan, it’s advisable to have the pump inspected regularly by a specialized import car service for signs of diMINIshed performance or potential leaks. In instances where pump replacement is necessary, it’s often recommended to replace related components such as the coolant fan and belts as a precautionary measure.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Challenges

The MINI’s timing system relies on adequate oil levels to function optimally. Insufficient oil supply can result in increased friction, leading to potential damage. Regular oil checks and changes as part of routine maintenance are essential to mitigate the risk of such damage.

Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Leakage

Leaks are a common issue with the water pump and thermostat housing, necessitating replacement approximately every 50,000 miles. It’s advisable to have these problematic components replaced by a qualified import car repair shop before they cause any further damage.

Clutch Malfunction

Clutch failure, often attributed to excessive wear and tear or aggressive driving, constitutes a significant automotive issue and can incur substantial repair costs. Exercising prudence and driving sensibly can significantly reduce the likelihood of clutch failure in your MINI Cooper.

Transmission Complications and Failure

Transmission issues have long plagued the MINI Cooper. While the manufacturer advises against transmission fluid changes, this stance has led to problems for many MINI owners. Qualified mechanics strongly recommend regular transmission fluid changes to mitigate the risk of transmission-related problems and failures.


While the MINI Cooper is engineered to deliver an enjoyable driving experience and exceptional handling, being aware of potential issues is paramount. Entrusting maintenance and repairs to MINI specialists will help to ensure that your MINI continues to perform at its very best.

Waterfall has it’s own resident MINI genius!

Waterfall Garage boasts its own expert in MINI tuning and mechanics, who is also one of the founders and co-directors of the company. With a passion for MINIs since the 1980s, he has both owned and raced them, showing equal admiration for the ‘new’ versions as well as the originals. His extensive knowledge of MINIs is second to none. Recently, he has been meticulously rebuilding and fine-tuning a 2004 MINI Cooper S.

The project commenced when the MINI Cooper S was retrieved and brought to Waterfall Garage in Wimbledon, South London. Initial diagnostics uncovered a timing correlation issue, prompting an engine disassembly that included removing the intercooler and cam cover. Subsequent diagnostics revealed a low compression problem, indicating that the cam chain had jumped. Upon removing the cylinder head, it was discovered that the MINI had 16 bent valves.

With this amount of damage it was decided to remove the MINI engine completely and carryout a full engine rebuild, as well as to make additional performance modifications, including:

  • Replacing the MINI clutch
  • Lightening & balancing the flywheel
  • Enlarging the crank pulley diameter

Read the full MINI rebuild story and see the rest of the pictures here…

South London MINI rebuild stage 1
South London MINI rebuild stage 2
South London MINI rebuild stage 3
South London MINI rebuild stage 4

For your next MINI service, MOT or any MINI repairs, speak the Waterfall MINI specilailsts today on:

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We’re often busy, so if we don’t pick up please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.
Or you can email us:

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30 to 5.30